Skyler Lehmkuhl

Python, Javascript and C++ developer

LunchBiz home page
(Python / Django)
Online service to provide an easy and efficient ordering service to office employees.
This is a mirror of the original site, which is no longer available.

Screenshot showing multiple open windows and minimized windows
JavaScript windowing system that runs in the browser

Screenshot showing piano keys and one track with recorded MIDI content
(C++ / OpenFrameworks)
Open-source cross-platform audio editor with MIDI support currently in development (link to source code).

Screenshot showing stage, ActionScript window, timeline and color selection menu
(Python / PyGUI)
Open-source cross-platform alternative to Adobe Flash currently in development.

EPL launchpad, rocket workshop and smelter on the surface of the Mun
Extraplanetary Launchpads
(C# / .NET)
Mod for the game Kerbal Space Program to allow launching from the surface of other planets